well, the flooding in Chichester

well, the flooding in Chichester turned out only to be minor. the Lavant has dropped back from its peak, although it still makes a formidable sight for what is only a seasonal stream after all. but the traffic chaos continues – Andrea has decamped to my place for the rest of the week so that she doesn’t have to sit in the queues – average journey times between Chichester and Bognor are now 90 minutes or more – it normally takes less than 15 minutes.
the “City Fathers” (the dusty, crumbly, stick-in-the-muds that make decisions in Chichester) have decided to honour the fire service with the freedom of the city in recognition of their efforts in averting the flooding. this honour will allow the service to march freely through the city with bayonets fixed. hmm. I’m sure they would rather the city gave each one a ¬£20 bonus in their Christmas pay packet.