Mum and Dad have been

Mum and Dad have been here for most of the day. Dad has installed the last of my new light fittings (although one of them broke, which was slightly alarming (they cost ¬£50 each) – but we’ve effected a repair which we shall finish next week probably) and we all went for lunch at The Vestry, which is really very good.
Other than that, I’ve been reading through my new HTML4 reference book which is actually proving to be quite useful, and is, in the words of one Amazon reviewer moving me from “moderate status to advanced”, which is nice. Actually, I’m considering learning a scripting language in order to expand my knowledge and ability at web design, and I know a couple of folks in that trade read this site from time-to-time. So any tips? I was wondering what might be the most useful language for me to learn (bearing in mind my limited resources of time and cash) and what opinons or hints anyone might have.