I’m tired. But must clean. And perhaps try to reconnect with reality. But then again…


Today I ordered a new mattress. It will cost £250, including £20 delivery. In addition, I will have to pay the local authority £15 to remove my old one. This sleeping malarkey is expensive!
What’s more, the new mattress will not be delivered for nearly a month. Guh.


I’m a bit detached from reality at the moment, so please excuse me, and also excuse the likely quietness that will exist around this site for the foreseeable. I’m enjoying the detachment, although I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do.
However, I can report that Brighton won 3-0 yesterday, and Bob Booker is jolly pleased about it. Which is nice.


Expect no updates today. I’ll be away from the PC all day – undoubtedly a very good thing.


Beer tonight with Arron, Paul C, Jeremy, Simon, Dave and Tim W, with sightings of Luce and Nicki.


Forgot to say. Dave’s windows quote has arrived. It features very few zeros, but a large number of other numbers in long rows.


On the subject of next week’s launch of China’s first manned space mission:

The popular sina.com website reported that handguns, knives and other “defensive weapons” would be stored in the capsule.
On landing, the astronaut “will be able to deal with wild beasts, sharks and other dangerous animals or enemies”, the website reported.
The Chinese Government emphasised on Friday that the space mission was a purely peaceful exercise.

BBC reporting here.


I really must learn that the best way to clean bits of lint from my laptop screen is not to wipe my greasy mitts across it. Gah. Fingerprints.