Unscientific BBC survey suggests that fewer people are putting up party posters in the run up to this election than in previous years. There certainly seem to be plenty around here, although red seems a rare colour.
Interestingly, party political posters are exempt from the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 (my favourite piece of legislation to flout, as regular readers will know) provided they are removed not more than 14 days after the election.


Tobby – ideal relaxation for when you’re having a coffee just as you’ve got home from driving through the driving rain all day. Rescue the dog tied to the rocket by peeing on the fuse. Wacky Japanese(?) fun.

Sir John Mills, RIP

Sir John Mills died yesterday at the age of 97. I always think of him saying something like "you simply have to, old bean, you simply have to!" or some other such earnestness whilst sitting in the tail gunner’s seat of a World War 2 bomber. His characters always seemed to be earnest. Perhaps that was my own misconception.
I remember one evening, many years ago, going into the Bell pub in Chichester. The Bell is directly opposite the Festival Theatre. As we walked in, my friend Louise was in a bit of rush, not really looking where she was going, and careered straight into John Mills as he was coming out. Neither party was injured.

GHC back

Global House Connection will be broadcasting again this week (today), for the first time since 6 March, at a new time of 4pm Pacific (midnight UK) and Lars has publicly promised me that they will (at least try to) be weekly. They are also working on podcasts for subscribers. Announcement here.