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  • An interesting verdict from the ECJ. I'm not sure that it actually weakens trademarks as I rather felt that the LVMH position would excessively stifle the use of trademarks – more or less preventing trademark owners from effectively exploiting their own marks. But it will be interesting to see how things turn out over the next few months, as I'm sure the IP lawyers (and I know a few) will be going over this with a fine toothed comb.

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  • Now this is good news and a sensible judgment. Smaller clubs (and you will know who I have in mind (3-0 home win last night – hurrah!) frequently invest in training local talent because they can't afford to buy top class players, but then see their best young players taken by larger clubs (although this can be a useful source of income). This judgment will protect the smaller clubs' interests whilst still allowing free movement of talent. I wonder if this judgment will extend to other sports too?
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Double Dutch

Tom: I was thinking about Domburg.

Me: Yes? What were you thinking about?

Tom: I was thinking about when we saw Kraak en Smaak.

Me: Well, we actually saw them in Middelburg, in the Abdijplein. But it isn’t far from Domburg.

Tom: Yes, that’s right. [pause] Abdijplein is a funny word. It’s double Dutch! Abdijplein! Heeheehee! (pronounced perfectly: ab-dye-pline)