Small but strong

Monty, in the garden, last week
Our Monty may weigh only a little more than 3.2kg, but he is a strong cat. We’ve just been fighting to get a worming tablet down his throat, and both of us now have the scars to show for it. In the end, we had to crush it and add it to his food, which has worked.
Treacle wasn’t much easier, but being only two-thirds of Monty’s size, she was easier to hold and medicate.

Still here

…and still battling to keep on top of tasks. A series of largely sleepless nights hasn’t helped either, but that’s a good excuse to get a jug of coffee on the go.
Meanwhile, the garden is progressing nicely…
The garden at the side of the house. There's a lot of blue.

Music and birthday

Forgot to mention on Thursday that it was Lord Percy’s birthday. The poor chap was 21 again.

In other news: Soul Deep has to be the best series that has been on TV in years – absolutely fantastic and compulsory viewing. The track listing on the CD compilation that goes with the series looks a little lacklustre, so I’m hoping that the Beeb will release the whole thing on DVD.


One day, I might just have time to write something here when I’m not

  • running around to meetings
  • travelling around the UK or other bits of Europe
  • sorting out the garden (there may be photos, but I don’t think that you believe me on that score any more)
  • sorting out boring stuff related to Hels’s flat sale
  • trying to catch up with my piled-high in-tray
  • sleeping
  • doing any one of a million and one other things.

I know I’m not unique in being busy, but it is getting in the way of blogging at the moment.

Is this thing on?

Still alive, but away from the PC or a connection a lot lately. Normal service will resume shortly, you’ll be dismayed to hear.

In other news, the idiot who pulled out in front of me on the A27 on Friday evening whilst driving a lorry carrying gas cylinders and who then proceeded to give me some tattooed gesticulation out of the window, will find when he goes to work tomorrow that it doesn’t pay to do that when in control of a vehicle with your employer’s telephone number on the back.


nope, can’t figure out what is going on here – it would help if I read Japanese, I guess. Just click on things and eventually things happen. Then more clicky things appear. You click. Things happen. And so on. And then he flies away. Which is kind of sad.

Very busy

…but, the new BBC weather symbols, maps and displays.. crap! Where is the Atlantic synoptic chart? How the hell can you tell what’s going on? Bring back the old magnetic clouds!


Very very busy and also likely to be away from my PC for much of this week, so expect quiet.
The plant fair at Pashley was very successful – thanks to everyone who turned up. I got slightly sunburnt, which considering that the original forecast was for rain was quite an achievement.