Beer with Stein and Simone.

Beer with Stein and Simone. Nobody else out at all, which is unusual for a Saturday. So I’ve come home early and will now head to bed as I am exhausted.

Today I went to Bentley

Today I went to Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum to attend a food fair there (it was work, honest!). Firstly, doesn’t the combination of wildfowl and vintage cars strike you as an odd mix? And secondly, why collect fowl? I’m not sure that I see the attraction of keeping around a thousand ducks, geese and swans in captivity. Admittedly, they looked pretty contented, in large smart clean enclosures, with lots of grass and trees and shrubs, as well as access to plenty of water to bathe, paddle and swim in. But it did strike me that this was like “twitching” without the thrill of the chase (if that is what makes birdwatching such a “fun” activity).
Although I will confess that the ducklings were cute.

Horoscope for today.The time has

Horoscope for today.

The time has come to sink or swim. Drop your ballast to increase mobility. Anyone who matters is sure to be attracted by your new attitude of honesty and efficiency. This means that in the forthcoming days, you need to go to extra pains to be yourself. Either that, or you need to put on a mask of who you are — the most accurate likeness you can find — and show that to the rest of the world. You are a really not as vulnerable as you feel, so perhaps you can venture a little farther into the unknown than you could last time. Quite a bit has changed since then.

What an evening! Eventually made

What an evening! Eventually made it to the races for the last race, where, thanks to the guidance of another, a winner was picked, which went part-way towards the cost of the champagne and sweetened my mood considerably. In action tonight were Paul F, Ian, Sacha, Greg, Brenda, Anne, Trev, Simone, Becky, Gill and several others.
Now the scene is one of empty wine glasses, chinese food, burning candles and a big smile.

I seem to be clicking

I seem to be clicking much more than usual today. By “clicking”, I mean that my knees and ankles make a clicking noise as I walk. They’ve done it for years (since my teens at least) and they do it more on some days than others. An ex-girlfriend advised me to take cod liver oil as a supplement to help suppress this, but I can’t say that my daily dose has made a whole heap of difference.
So why click more today? I took my CLO pill this morning as usual. Maybe not getting that much sleep, and getting what I did in an unusual environment, has had an impact.
Any readers know anything about clicking joints? What should I do to alleviate it? And why does it always happen more in quiet corridors?

In other news, this man

In other news, this man has a doppelganger. As I was driving through Chichester this morning, I passed a man who looked just like him. However, when challenged, Mr Jordan denied being in the city at 8.30am today. I must say that this character did not seem to be accosting passers-by with tales of his genitalia, which should have been a giveaway really.
However, Nick has threatened to come down here unannounced and walk around the city just to freak me out. In fact, it has even been suggested that he might just hang around near the homes of random ukbloggers, purely for the purpose of freaking them out. Evil walking around – a new blood sport? It could catch on.