all rush along now to

all rush along now to do the Color Quiz (it’s American)….here are my results: (link poached from notsosoft)
Your Existing Situation
Unwilling to extend himself or exert undue effort (with the possible exception of sexual activity). Feels that further progress requires more from him than he is willing or able to give. Would prefer reasonable comfort and security rather than the rewards of greater ambition.
Your Stress Sources
An existing situation or relationship is unsatisfactory, but he feels unable to change it to bring about the sense of belonging which he needs. Unwilling to expose his vulnerability, he therefore continues to resist this state of affairs, but feels dependent on the attachment. This not only depresses him, but makes him irritable and impatient, producing considerable restlessness and the urge to get away from the situation, either actually or, at least, mentally. Ability to concentrate may suffer.
Your Restrained Characteristics
An unadmitted lack of confidence makes him careful to avoid open conflict and he feels he must make the best of things as they are.
Feels that he is receiving less than his share and that there is no one on whom he can rely for sympathy and understanding. Pent-up emotions and a certain egocentricity make him quick to take offense, but he realizes that he has to make the best of things as they are.
Your Desired Objective
Tries to escape from his problems, difficulties, and tensions by abrupt, headstrong, and ill-considered decisions or changes of direction.
Your Actual Problem
Anxiety and restless dissatisfaction, either with circumstances or with unfulfilled emotional requirements, have produced stress. He feels misunderstood, disoriented, and unsettled. This drives him into a search for new conditions or relationships, in the hope that these might offer greater contentment and peace of mind.

Conclusion – it tells me what I already know. I’m bored with my job and need to change, but haven’t the confidence to stick out my neck and apply for something. That’s why I started my college course, so as to build my confidence and learn a few new skills. However, I refute any claims that I am lazy – evidence: six years running a local society, 11 years in this job, organised umpteen events, regular trips out to go lecturing and my college course as well – not to say that I don’t mind laying in on a Saturday morning if I get the chance. Anyone got any jobs going?
As for the comments about my sexual energy…..well, that would be telling.

question – is access.bakiwop the

question – is access.bakiwop the most loved-up blog on the net?
I must say that Andrea and I have been very loved-up lately. Our relationship is very easy going and pretty much stress-free – which is something of a novel experience for me, as just about every girl I’ve been out with before has been a complete bundle of stress and nervous energy in one way or another. Somehow, in spite of the fact that we don’t have many obvious things in common (she loves TV, I hate it; I love rice, she hates it; she loves Robbie Williams, I think he’s a twonk; etc etc etc), Andrea and I just “click”. Which is nice.
Of course, the problem with being in a good relationship that is happy and working, is that:
(a) it’s easy to be gooey when down the pub, and therefore shunned by your non-gooey friends
(b) it’s not so easy to offer good advice to friends who are either single or having problems with their relationships without talking about how wonderful your own situation is….along the lines of “yeh, that’s poo, and I really feel sorry for you. By the way, Andrea and I are having a fantastic time and each thinks the other to be wonderful.” See my point?

it’s been a while since

it’s been a while since I went on a rant, political or otherwise. well, to be honest, with exams looming, rants have not been at the forefront of my thinking. but, please rest assured that if anything comes to mind as a subject for a rant, that rant will be published here.
actually, at the moment I could have a seriously long rant about college and how pants it is, but frankly I can not be arsed, and I think I’ll just log off, go cook a sausage or three, and have a bath and read before bed.
what a cosy existence.

just thought I’d come online

just thought I’d come online again and have a look at my lovely new domain…..oh, I’m SOOOO houseproud!
SJP has e-mailed me – she looked at Grayblog for the first time today, and is a complete blogging virgin. of course, I have been busy extolling the virtues of blogging to her, and suggested that she should get her own. rest assured, that if she does (and as a fledgling geek, I would expect her to!), there will be a link in the navbar.
Talking of links in navbars, I helped Nick set up Nick’s Pad more than two weeks ago – and how much blogging has he done? not a lot, I can tell you. go to his Pad and send him a mail, otherwise I’ll be most put out.
And on the subject of being put-out (notice the smooth segues in this post as we glide smoothly from one topic to another without pause – oh, hang on, I think I’ve paused. dammit!), my popularity rating at Bloghop is a paltry 56%. Look down the navbar – see the little coloured squares? Click the green one!! Now! Yes, that’s it, the one on the left! Go on! I’ll feel so much better if you do. I might even give you something in exchange – germs? a hereditary disease? the choice is yours.