Kokos Flocken

Anyone got any idea where I can buy Berggold Kokos Flocken in the UK? We bought some in Rostock and they’re addictive – waaaay better than Bounty or other chocolate-covered coconut things I’ve had.


I can’t decide if LinkedIn is useful or not. I was introduced to it about a year ago by my lawyer who has lots of connections to colleagues and clients on his profile. But I’ve yet to discover anyone that I know from my own industry that uses it.

The trouble is, I’m not sure that the point of LinkedIn is to find people that you already know. Finding people you don’t know and being found by others have to be the two biggest advantages that it might have. But it would help to achieve a more credible appearance on LinkedIn if, by knowing a few people already, you could establish a network of connections and not look like a sad loner with just one linked profile.

Do you use LinkedIn? Do you think it is useful? You’ll find me if you search for my real name and know what I do for a living (I’m not linked as Graybo and nor is this blog linked).

The other half of the story?

You will have seen the media coverage of the Silver Ring Thing case currently in the High Court. The Ministry of Truth looks a little deeper and finds that it may not all be as certain sections of the media have portrayed it.

I am quite content to keep my child as far away from all forms of religion as is possible, at least until he has developed some critical analysis skills and can make up his own mind. I’m increasingly convinced the religious organisations, particularly those of an Evangelical nature, are just as scheming and devious as politicians.

via Iain Dale.

Life in bullet points

Just to keep Matt The Bakiwop happy, here is a genuine update:

  • I’m working like a mad thing at the moment. I haven’t even had time to update my work weblog, which is bad. Work is generally busy in a good way, though, so things are quite good. Just don’t mention the Germans.
  • We’ve been travelling a bit lately and I owe readers some photos from recent trips. So far this year we have been to Angers/Nantes, Utrecht/Maastricht/Aachen/Namur, Hamburg/Rostock and I made a solo trip to Vlaardingen/Aalsmeer. There have also been a few UK-based days out and there are some photos from those too. When time permits, I’ll upload some.
  • On the domestic front, I’ve been working on developing the front garden (although progress has been in fits and starts and has stalled again lately – I need to get the footings out for the retaining wall, but time constraints and the weather both conspire against me) as well as getting the side and back gardens looking good – I’ll try and sort out photos of that too.
  • I bought Hels a bike for her birthday and this has spurred me to sort out getting my bike restored after having left it in a shed for six years following the spectacular failure of the derailleur whilst bombing along the Avenue de Chartres in Chichester in 2000. Following a suggestion from Kate, I’ve taken it to Baker Street Bikes in Brighton for restoration and should get it back on Wednesday. All I’ll need then is to add a child seat for Tom and we’ll then be able to go out on family cycle trips (although bike mounts for the roof bars on the car would be good and I think I’d like to have the chance to dump the child seat so that I can get a few miles in on my own terms too).
  • We’ve started doing a bit more work to the house – currently, we’re remodelling the bathroom. Not a major change, just new paint, new taps and a new shower screen. We’re also eyeing the conservatory combine harvester (shhh, don’t tell Dave), which needs some major work – we’ve spied a couple of rotten timbers, which isn’t good. Repainting of the kitchen is also scheduled in for “somewhen”.
  • Tom has taken to refusing to go to sleep in the evening. We’ve just had him up for a 9.30pm snack, which he took whilst lounging in front of the telly in the living room – he has the makings of a good couch potato.
  • Finally, it’s the Garden and Art Event at West Dean, near Chichester, this coming weekend. I organise it. I’m seriously hoping that the weather improves considerably between now and then.

More updates. Soon. I promise.