have my new toy

have my new toy up-and-running. it seems pretty good, although I’m always wary of making rash judgments (yeh, right – like, I never jump to conclusions *at all*). if I feel really really keen, I might scan something and put it on here. like pictures. and stuff.

AW is dead stressed – she’s been left in charge of the school while the rest of the senior staff have gone on a “field trip” (aka – piss up) to the Isle of Wight. so far, she has had to deal with plain old disobedience, followed by screaming, topped off by kids hurling fists and feet at each other and then the staff, including AW, followed by invective-a-go-go. yesterday, some of the kids dismantled some pencil-sharpeners so they could get the blades out in order to mutilate themselves, each other, and anyone who came near them.
now remember that these kids are ten years old. what are they going to be like when they are fifteen? 18? 21? borstal beckons, methinks.

on a different educational note, we have a new guy on our marketing course. I’m not sure of his name, or what he does (brewing I think), but he is mucho weirdo. we were talking about using party plans to sell things – you know, like Tupperware do. This guy had never heard of this concept, and did not know what Ann Summers sell (cool site by the way) – he was amazed at the idea of women inviting other women around to their home in order to play with and buy…well, you know. We advised him to get out a bit more….

the course is a bit of problem. we still haven’t got our textbooks yet, four weeks into the course with just nine weeks to go until the exams. great. I’ve been out and bought a copy of Total Relationship Marketing by Evert Gummersson (it’s on Amazon if you’re that interested) although I’ve not started reading it yet – well, actually I have, but only the first two pages. and there is soooooo much reading to be done – I can barely keep up with the photocopied handouts, let alone the textbooks.

anyway, going to get away from it all tonight with a trip to W2. and KF is back from his holiday this weekend too, with 3000000 photos, no doubt. and at least I managed to sleep last night without waking up repeatedly to cough.


getting a new toy tomorrow

getting a new toy tomorrow – one of those all-in-one scanner-printer-copier jobs, a Xerox one. There’s nothing like spending money to cheer yourself up – better still, spending someone else’s money!

God, I’m knackered. Another

God, I’m knackered.
Another night punctuated by explosive coughing sessions was not conducive to good sleep and rest. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever recover from this cold, or if, in fact, it is going to carry me to an unwelcome and decidedly untimely end.
Either way, it’s left me feeling and acting like a complete zombie.

Identified a bit of a problem with my work website but thankfully my good pal RW has been helping me out. Should get it fixed sometime soon, if ever I find the time to do it (I suppose I could do it instead of updating my blog……….naaah!).

Weather forecast for the rest of the week and weekend – incessant rain punctuated only by depressing overcast dreariness. Great.

Best get on with something useful I guess…..

lesson 1 for today –

lesson 1 for today – click on “post” on the Blogger edit screen before scooting off to another website, else all is lost. bugger.

it’s pissing it down outside – I’m sooo looking forward to walking home in this – not.

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that if you read enough Blogs, eventually you will think and write in American English – perhaps even develop a ridiculous accent like certain crap actors/actresses (Paltrow and MacDowell spring instantly to mind). I wonder if, in 30 years time, English English will be obsolete – will we all talk about fawcets instead of taps and spell colour without the “u”? Comments welcome.

Anyway, the weekend….
Friday night we stayed in, both feeling less than healthy with this bloody cold. SJP called around 11pm to ask if AW and I wanted to go to a party, just around the corner from my place (we were at AW’s). I told her that we were naked in bed and watching naked people on TV (all true). I could feel her glowing down the telephone line – tres amusant – all good stuff to reinforce the idea that everyone has that AW and I lead a steamy porn-ridden existence, when in fact we were sitting drinking Beechams and watching Eurotrash.
Saturday was a day off work for me (hurrah), so AW and I had a steamy and porn-ridden morning (use your imagination) and went to Guildford in the afternoon. We didn’t get there until gone 3pm, so we contented ourselves with a spot of shop surfing (including the purchase of copious bath bombs) and some bar-sitting in Bar Coast.
Afterwards we met up with SK, PF, IC and a few others for beer at W2 (great cheesy grin there Kristan), followed by more at IC’s house. All pretty uneventful really.
Sunday was just another worky day.

Much the same as today really, though today is wetter.

Right, time to splish-splash my way home, shop, do college homework, cook tea and have a bath. Such an exciting life.

too much work, not

too much work, not enough time

and I *still* feel ill. can’t believe that a sore throat could last so long.
pass the Strepsils.

will post an update on the weekend’s events shortly….

Unbelievable – nobody turned up

Unbelievable – nobody turned up for the post-pub piss-up last night – a complete blow out. Instead, we’re supposed to meet in two weeks time for another attempt. I wonder if that will be abortive as well. I have no friends.

Instead, I went to W2 and met up with KM, PF, SK and, of course, AW, and got fairly drunk, having had no food to speak of. Which led to the amusing combination of an illness-induced headache and an alcohol-induced headache this morning, which was not an entirely pleasant experience, and yet not entirely unpleasant either.

I’ve just started re-reading The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer. I first read it around the time it came out, which must be four or five years ago now. It’s a great novel, somewhat quirky, about an unemployed fugitive English philosopher who goes to France and falls in with a one-armed bandit…literally, a thief with one arm. Together, they plan and execute a bunch of philosophical bank robberies – an interesting concept.

Fischer is one of my favourite authors, along with Douglas Coupland and Ben Richards (invisible on the net – anyone know any sites about him/his work?). I’ve just read Coupland’s latest (Miss Wyoming) but I really ought to be reading books related to marketing – then I might stand a good chance of passing this course. But that’s far too dull. Besides, textbooks are too big to read in the bath.


today my throat feels

today my throat feels like a large lump of raw potato is wedged in it. if you’ve never tried wedging a large lump of raw potato in your throat, it isn’t something I’d recommend – and I should know.

seems I have given my cold to AW – she woke up this morning complaining of a sore throat. looks like I’ll have to play nurse again – at least it should be less brown and smelly than the last time (you don’t want to know).

looks like a fair turnout for the post-college beer sesh tonight. I’ve invited everyone that I have e-mail addresses for, which is 13 out of the class of 20, and it looks like about 8 or 9 should show up, which is pretty good.

so if I write anything for the ‘blog tomorrow, it’ll be thru a haze of hangover, as there is no chance to get more than a snack before heading to the pub – beer+empty stomach = hangover.

a bit better today, but

a bit better today, but still kof-kofing. would help if I slept a bit better, but AW is sooooooo stressed out at the moment, that it isn’t easy. not sure how to help her be a little less stressed – other than winning the lottery and whisking her away somewhere.

TPL score this week – 24, taking my total to 122. not impressive. (TPL = fantasy football game thingy)