have my new toy

have my new toy up-and-running. it seems pretty good, although I’m always wary of making rash judgments (yeh, right – like, I never jump to conclusions *at all*). if I feel really really keen, I might scan something and put it on here. like pictures. and stuff.

AW is dead stressed – she’s been left in charge of the school while the rest of the senior staff have gone on a “field trip” (aka – piss up) to the Isle of Wight. so far, she has had to deal with plain old disobedience, followed by screaming, topped off by kids hurling fists and feet at each other and then the staff, including AW, followed by invective-a-go-go. yesterday, some of the kids dismantled some pencil-sharpeners so they could get the blades out in order to mutilate themselves, each other, and anyone who came near them.
now remember that these kids are ten years old. what are they going to be like when they are fifteen? 18? 21? borstal beckons, methinks.

on a different educational note, we have a new guy on our marketing course. I’m not sure of his name, or what he does (brewing I think), but he is mucho weirdo. we were talking about using party plans to sell things – you know, like Tupperware do. This guy had never heard of this concept, and did not know what Ann Summers sell (cool site by the way) – he was amazed at the idea of women inviting other women around to their home in order to play with and buy…well, you know. We advised him to get out a bit more….

the course is a bit of problem. we still haven’t got our textbooks yet, four weeks into the course with just nine weeks to go until the exams. great. I’ve been out and bought a copy of Total Relationship Marketing by Evert Gummersson (it’s on Amazon if you’re that interested) although I’ve not started reading it yet – well, actually I have, but only the first two pages. and there is soooooo much reading to be done – I can barely keep up with the photocopied handouts, let alone the textbooks.

anyway, going to get away from it all tonight with a trip to W2. and KF is back from his holiday this weekend too, with 3000000 photos, no doubt. and at least I managed to sleep last night without waking up repeatedly to cough.