Beer tonight (long time since

Beer tonight (long time since I’ve typed that) with Paul F, Nikki, Phil, Mark, Alex, Ruth, Hamish and Hamish’s cousin Simon. Also the first time I’ve been to La Havana, who were staging an open mic night. You didn’t miss much.

Note to self – life

Note to self – life is good. Stop worrying about nothing, or you’ll spoil everything, dumbarse.
Actually, life is good. Sometimes I forget that.

In other news, daft search request of the day: Caroline bottle Steve phone wine boyfriend sofa. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use these words as the basis of an entertaining short story. Send your efforts to the usual address and the best will be posted here and be rewarded with the usual prize (i.e. nothing).

Wednesday in bullet points:Paranoia considerably

Wednesday in bullet points:

  • Paranoia considerably eased. Good.
  • Work completely mad. Running six directions at once.
  • I’m sure that Barry Cryer went past me this morning at the wheel of a Jaguar with the number plate L4UGH. It could have been someone else, but I’m 80% sure it was him.
  • I’m really tired and could do with a break, a massage and maybe some different scenery for a day or two. Fat chance.
  • PFE has finally got its bank account. Yay!

Back to work.

Brighton’s veteran goalkeeper, Dave Beasant,

Brighton’s veteran goalkeeper, Dave Beasant, has vowed to play on. Even if he will soon be drawing a pension.
Although it has to be said that he has kept goal recently better than many players half his age.
Meanwhile, speculation has already begun as to whether Steve Coppell will stay as manager beyond the end of the season. I reckon that Alan Pardew’s team will have a sizeable influence on that decision.

Have you ever seen a

Have you ever seen a worm that has drowned in a bucket of water? I can assure readers that a piece of spaghetti that has festered in the bottom of a sink for 24 hours looks much the same.

I’ve just written an e-mail

I’ve just written an e-mail of complaint to South Central Trains about my journey on Saturday night. Don’t suppose it’ll get me anywhere, but it is worth a try. Just call me "disgruntled of Chichester".

One of the best parts

One of the best parts of my work is that I frequently get to drive around some of the most beautiful scenery England has to offer. Last Friday’s trip to Somerset was good, but this morning’s trip just a few miles to West Dean and back, via Goodwood racecourse, was stunning. The South Downs in spring are tough to beat.