Big arse

If you use the Brittany Ferries online booking form, it is possible to book a foot passenger with trailer and rear mounted bicycle rack.

Travel comparison for you. I need to get from Gien in France to my office in dear old Blighty.

  • train to Caen, ferry to Portsmouth (overnight), train to Chichester – about £100
  • train to Paris, Eurostar to Waterloo, train to Chichester – about £200
  • train to Paris, Air France to Gatwick, train to Chichester – about £530 (plus metro and train from Gare de Lyon to CDG airport)
  • train to Paris, bmi British Midland to Heathrow, tube+train to Chichester – about £65 (plus metro and train as above)

I like easy choices.


Horrors! I’ve just realised that, since I redesigned this site, there hasn’t been a link to my Amazon wishlist – and my birthday is but 13 days away!

Subtle, eh?

Bricks and mortar

For those following our house-buying story, the one we looked at yesterday was nice, but not quite right. It needs quite a bit of work done to it, and would stretch our budget and time availability beyond breaking-point, I believe. Shame, as it has a nice pub across the street.
The other half of the pair is also up for sale, and may actually offer a better option for us. I’ll be contacting the agent today for more information.

UPDATE: Whoa!!! The other half is on the market for £65,000 more than the one we looked at! Whilst the one we looked at needs redecorating and a new kitchen, it does benefit from an extension. Suddenly, I’m wondering if we can stretch that far – it would make a fabulous investment.
If only we had more money…..

Always busy

Sorry – no content here today again – too busy with work, sorting out incompetence within European institutions (well, one in particular) and looking after a mildly unwell fiancée. Off to look at a house later, and then to eat fishcakes.
Life. Edge. Some distance apart today.

Lesson from France?

Twenty five years ago today, Charles de Gaulle resigned as a result of losing a referendum over constitutional reform. Essentially, CDG had linked the referendum to his own position as president of the Fifth Republic, turning what should have been a straight-forward referendum into a vote of confidence.
Somehow, the whole situation reminds me of what is happening now with Tony Blair and the referendum on the constitutional treaty for the EU. I fear that the campaigns will not be about the treaty itself, but more about Europe as a whole and also a vote of confidence in TB – something that I reckon he would be unlikely to win if it happened tomorrow. Let’s face it, the constitutional treaty is not exactly fun-packed or really that interesting to the populace in general – they neither know or care about it, but they like to have a go at something simple like moaning about the French, the Germans or the PM. A product of our shorter attention spans, I fear.
You switched off already?!