I know everyone is doing

I know everyone is doing it at the moment, but I’m considering a fairly fundamental redesign here. This site is suffering severe linkrot, the navigation could be improved, the layout is cluttered, the code is a mess (it looks like it has been constantly tweaked and added to, which is exactly the case) and I’m considering switching CMS. Which means taking one of my precious days off and spending it in front of a PC doing nothing but geeky stuff all day long.
Areas that need consideration:

  • tables vs CSS2
  • more easily maintained site elements, especially the lists of links and the about page (PHP?)
  • cleaner design implemented across the entire website (one or two parts, such as the search results page, still use ancient designs)
  • better organisation of content – is an archive that is ordered only by date the best format?
  • improved accessibility
  • continued balance between browser compatibility and standards compliance (there are still a few NN3 users who read this site, and I don’t want to ignore them)

No plans to change the overall content or writing style though. I’ve never really consciously developed a style, it’s just developed in a steady and organic way over the last two and a bit years. Most of the time I like it, occasionally it bores even me.
Ultimately, this is my site to do with as I wish. But you are welcome to throw in any (constructive) thoughts and suggestions. Which I am free to ignore if I so wish.
Why is it that I get a feeling that this may take more than a single day to implement?

Absolutely fantastic food today at

Absolutely fantastic food today at Percy Towers in the company of Lady Bren, Lord Percy and Lady Turd, followed by beer at W2 with Paul F, Paul Sm, Ted, Bren, Greg, Aris, Nikki, the Nags posse, Guy and assorted others. And the band played on…

Today’s walk – down the

Today’s walk – down the canal to the Yacht Basin, a detour to Birdham Pool, and then back via Fishbourne. 14km or nearly 8.75 miles, completed in 2hrs 50min.
Seen today were dozens of walkers, cyclists and fishermen, as well as a curlew.

Who’d have thought it? It’s

Who’d have thought it?
It’s pretty generally known that I’ve long admired John Major – whether you agree with his politics or not, he has personal qualities as an “ordinary” bloke that you have to admire, exemplified by his dignified manner in the face of general election defeat in 1997 when he pretty much said “stuff this, I’m off to watch the cricket”. But, in a rare moment of sense, Lady Archer today hit the nail on the head by saying:

I am a little surprised, not at Mrs Currie’s indiscretion but at a temporary lapse in John Major’s taste.

Mind you, I’m not so sure that Lady Archer should be regarded as much of an arbiter of taste. Look at the plank that she married!

Just got an email from

Just got an email from Sarah asking if I’ll be out tonight. After ending last night on an irritable note and having a mild hangover this morning (ending the night on a double JD and diet Coke was a bad plan), I’m less than enthusiastic about spending the evening with two couples.