Tonight, as I was walking

Tonight, as I was walking back from the Slug and Lettuce, having bumped into Cat, Greg and Karen on my way home from work, I was nearly run over by Simon Weston. Somehow, I can’t imagine that driving the biggest Mercedes I’ve seen for a while is much compensation for what he went through.

Anyone remember playing Jupiter Lander

Anyone remember playing Jupiter Lander on the C64? It came on a ROM cartridge that plugged in the back. (Apologies to all those kids for whom 5.25″ diskettes are not seen as a modern invention). Well, you can now play a similar game (although with far smoother graphics, better music and multiple levels – it’s just not the same!) here.

Today, I would rather be

Today, I would rather be walking by the harbour, on holiday in Portugal or spending time with friends (or all three). Instead, I’m sitting at my desk poring over catalogues, placing orders and updating databases. yawn.
It’s also decidedly grey today, which, after a few days of sunshine, is not good for the spirit.

Weekly weigh-in: 13st 9lb (191lb

Weekly weigh-in: 13st 9lb (191lb or 86.7kg) – another 2lb lost in week 2. Yay! At this rate, I’ll reach my target in half the time I expected, although there is bound to be a setback sooner or later (there are a couple of dinners forthcoming that won’t help).