AW has also suggested that

AW has also suggested that I have belittled the storms that we have had for the last few days. Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear. What I meant was that the gales and winds were nothing compared to 1987. The flooding, on the other hand, is much worse, more like 1988. So yeh, if you are reading this whilst up to your neck in muddy water, then it is pretty bad, and you have my sympathy.

AW has suggested that people

AW has suggested that people reading this blog might think that I’m as miserable as sin and (to use her words) “an old fart”. humph.
well, for the record, I’m not an old fart. well, not much anyway.
I get precious little feedback from Grayblog users, so be a pal and send me mail, otherwise how can I possibly tell if I’m a fart or not??

don’t you just hate it

don’t you just hate it when the clocks change, and suddenly it is dark at 5pm. ugh. I can see why some creatures hibernate now.
prospects are not good for getting a train home tonight – looks like connex are still not running any sort of service.

there are still torrents of water pouring off the fields here, although we haven’t had any new rain since mid-morning. having surveyed the nursery, damage seems to be limited to severe waterlogging, some flooding, two fallen trees and two damaged trees – a pretty low score really. instantly, some people are comparing it to the “Great Storm” of 1987. I was here then, and i can tell you for free that what we got last night and this morning was **nothing** in comparison to 87!