links for 2009-03-16


Plants that Tom can recognise and name:

  • daffodil
  • snowdrop
  • bluebell
  • ivy
  • privet
  • holly (ouch!)
  • grass (tut, I expect a more specific description than that!)
  • rosemary
  • oak
  • yew
  • birch
  • maple
  • sycamore
  • chestnut
  • blackberry (bramble)
  • dandelion

I expect his repertoire to improve as the spring progresses.

links for 2009-03-10

LAN questions

I’ve just converted a printer that was (dodgily, due, I suspect, to a faulty wireless card) connected to my WLAN to being a LAN printer by using a wireless bridge (no, really). It’s been a success, and I’m no wondering if I could perhaps use a switch and connect a few other peripherals into the LAN via the same bridge.

One of the peripherals I’m keen to connect is an external HDD that I use to backup my laptop. Theoretically, my laptop gets backed-up every Thursday at 6pm. But that assumes that it is at my desk and connected to the HDD by USB cable. I’d like it to backup, no matter where on the WLAN it is (conservatory, living room, office, wherever). The HDD does not have an ethernet socket. So, is there a device that I can plug the HDD into that will act as an external ethernet card for it, so that I can then link that external ethernet card into the LAN? Or should I just buy a new HDD with an ethernet card built in?