Discussion of the insect has

Discussion of the insect has been settled. She is a queen hornet. So I’ve let her go on a pile of logs on the nursery where hopefully she will build a nest and raise plenty of young, as hornets are friendly creatures in that they eat insect pests, and only sting when provoked.

more insect news. Not a

more insect news. Not a bumble bee, but the biggest wasp I have ever seen, is now resident in a jar on top of my printer in my office. Dad tells me that he heard an article on the radio about a European species of wasp that had got to the Sussex coast. It’s about twice the size of a normal queen wasp and apparently the sting is very powerful. I’m not inclined to let him/her out of the jar! It’s HUGE! I’ll see if I can find some online info about him/her, and post a link here.

And in other news, I

And in other news, I finally got some revision done last night for my forthcoming marketing exams (on 12th and 13th June) – I really need to get some cramming done!

Date update (this is doing

Date update (this is doing wonders for my hit counter!):
Looks like my date is on for Sunday. Also wondering about another person who I am quite keen on in a saddo online kinda way, with whom I have had several long and frank conversations. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Yet more date update: leaving

Yet more date update: leaving myself open to accusations of being a webfloozie, I’ve provisionally arranged a date with another woman for Sunday evening. There’s just no stopping me at the moment. Must be the weather or something.

The jury is still out

The jury is still out on the whole believe her/don’t thing with my failed date from last night – with equal votes for both camps. My instincts say “don’t believe her” – I mean, how hard can it be to find a phone at a corporate event? But on the other hand, I am the world’s biggest softy and if she tried to arrange another date, I’d probably fall for it. gah.