Happiness is an evening like

Happiness is an evening like this:

  • finally succeeding in getting some quality college revision done. I know that doesn’t sound like the foundation for a good evening, but I’ve been beginning to get worried about the lack of time I’ve had/made for college study, so tonight will ease those worries.
  • listening to very good music on Monkey Radio
  • eating lovely food – sage and onion stuffing rules! (I did have more than just stuffing, honest!)
  • having a lovely MSN chat with my splendid friend Lizzie
  • drinking plenty of Manta Preta.

On my desk at the

On my desk at the moment:

  • a pile of papers
  • a calculator
  • two phones
  • some Zip disks
  • a pair of scissors
  • the 1986 Bash Street Kids annual

An excellent phone call from

An excellent phone call from my lovely friend Louise tonight, followed by a trip to the cinema to see the utterly fantastic K-PAX – go see it: the story is really good, and it is visually and aurally stunning, with a couple of good Kleenex moments too.
All this followed by a late beer in W2 with Paul F, Ted, Vince, Dave and Lucy.

Beer last night in the

Beer last night in the Eastgate (of all places) to celebrate Ian and Sacha’s departure on their travels, wherever they may lead. Present were Paul F, Paul-the-other-one and Ted, three-fifths of Could Be Good, doing an “unplugged” session which was excellent and hopefully the first of many. In addition were Zena, Sarah, DA, DAGS (looking splendid on a diet of motherhood), Andrea, Kev, Hamish, Matt, Kearn, Stein, Jeremy, Tanya, James, Jayne, Lord Percy and Lady Bren, the last two ending up back at mine again for more late-night silliness.