Beer tonight with Malcolm, Phil,

Beer tonight with Malcolm, Phil, Kearn, Arron, Paul F (enjoy your holiday), Helen N, other Helen, Dave, Clive, Hamish, Julie (anyone looking to buy an MGF? She’s the girl to ask!), Caroline, Amanda and several others.

Remember when the war in

Remember when the war in Afghanistan started? Every weblog, it seemed, had something to say about it. Every news website led with the story. Every TV news programme covered it to the exclusion of most other things. Every newspaper had it on the front page.
Now there is a serious fear of nuclear war between India and Pakistan. If that kicks off, it’ll make the war in Afghanistan seem fairly small-scale, certainly in terms of the loss of human life – estimates vary between three million people and 21 million people killed (that’s equivalent to one-third of the population of the UK).
And yet, hardly anyone seems to be talking about it, certainly in weblogworld. I’ve just checked half a dozen English-language Indian weblogs, and nobody mentions it – not once. They seem more concerned with cricket and football.
This worries me. When people are actively concerned with something there is discussion and debate, which tends to moderate the actions of politicians and decision makers.
I’m going to try and find more sources of online information in the next few days (I may even set up a special page for it) – both traditional news sites and less-traditional sources (if I can find English language versions). More soon.
In the meantime: Pakistan News Service; Times of India.

Meanwhile, in the world of

Meanwhile, in the world of Graybo:

  • I’ve got shedloads of work to do, so more paucity of updates here
  • I’m progressing well with study
  • We’ve sold a whole bunch of our case study analyses, which is great for funding our end of term dinner/piss-up
  • I’ve had a few messages from the sort of people that merely reading the word “hello” that they have typed induces a broad smile
  • There are interesting developments afoot in the future job/career department
  • The sun is out, the sky is blue….

Good news for people interested

Good news for people interested in buying our CIM WCI case study analysis. The group has decided not to implement our originally proposed price increases, as sales have been so successful, and we’d like to help as many people as we can (and maximise income). Some old pony about price elasticity of demand or something!

The folks at Blogger have

The folks at Blogger have launched a new version of the Pro code. And it seems to be very fast, which makes the (small) cost of upgrading to the Pro service seem worthwhile.

Another useful session at college

Another useful session at college last night, going over things and getting some worthwhile revision. Pity that only three of us turned up, but I think we all gained from the time spent. And had a laugh too.
Today: another busy day at work.