I forgot to say…

…that we had a splendid lunch in Chichester on Saturday in the marvellous company of Lord Percy and Lady Bren with the added bonus of sightings of Hamish and Ruth. Consumption of the world’s largest home-made burgers (with chilli – mmmm) meant no tea for me. Hurrah! I also bumped into Anne, Nick and their gorgeous little daughter.

Secret Santa

Much as I detest all things Christmas-related before the advent of Advent, I must point you to Secret Santa who is abroad once more. I’ve signed up, so be sure that you do.


Have you been following Fraser’s tale of his trip to North Korea? No? Well, nor had I, but on one of my all too infrequent trips to his site I caught up with the whole story. Recommended reading.


To celebrate Dad’s birthday, Hels and I went with my parents for a stroll around Bosham on Wednesday. I got a bit artistic with the reflections in the water at the quay…
Bosham quay
…and then we saw a fantastic sunset.
Sunset viewed from Bosham looking towards Chidham

Blood on the floor

Treacle asleep. Uncomfortable too, I suspect.
Treacle sleeps in some pretty odd places.
I’ve just spent 20 minutes cleaning up blood on the floor and the sofa. She’s had a fight with another cat and didn’t win – a tear in her left ear was dripping blood everywhere. I’ve cleaned up the blood and the wound, but she might end up with a "bus ticket" ear.


Image021.jpg. Photo hosted at Flickr

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I have all sorts of issues with any manner of things – politics, people, clients, competitors, the weather, the cat’s muddy feet. Can I now get these issues resolved at McDonald’s?

Elle ewe

Are you a London Underground anorak? Would you like to be? In either case, all you need to know can be found at District Dave’s Underground Site, including exciting updates on the installation of runback protection equipment.
If you are not an anorak, nor aspire to be, then I recommend rushing over to Scary’s site for a quick game of Mornington Crescent.