Pet hates: customers who ask

Pet hates: customers who ask for discount. Why should I give them a discount? The price on the product is fair and reasonable, and the product is in A1 condition. In a time when online price comparison is easy, you can not afford to be anything other than fair in pricing. The prices set are reasonable, reflect our costs and, ultimately, are intended to provide a profit to reward our efforts. So why challenge it? Because ours is a small business, and they think they can get away with it. Would they ask the checkout operator in Tesco to discount the price of a tin of beans? Somehow I doubt it.

Cocktails tonight with Arron, Guy,

Cocktails tonight with Arron, Guy, Aris, Kearn, Chris, Paul F (and, yes, I would wear a jacket like that. In fact, I do. Check that you can’t be heard across the car park when the back door is open.) and Ted, with sightings of Dave, Terry, Hamish, Nik, Kristian, Helen N and Helen N’s mate Helen. Someone else might have been there, but I can’t be sure (arf!).

Secret project has just taken

Secret project has just taken another small step forward. I’m *REALLY* getting excited about this.
Meanwhile, it’s bloody humid. There are some very threatening clouds around, and the weather forecast on the Beeb shows lots of storms nearby, but nothing to break it here yet.