Hezza and Bayern

Not only was Michael Heseltine in my hotel last week, but also the entire Bayern Munich football team. An odd combination. In addition, my shoes literally fell apart as I was walking around Essen. These things may or may not be related.

There will be more content here just as soon as I’ve recovered from man flu. I will use my illness as an excuse for the fact that January 2007 has seen the smallest number of posts in any month since this blog’s inception.

Things and stuff

  • Tom was one yesterday – it’s been both the longest and fastest year of my life (and Hels’s too, I think it is fair to say – and, by definition, Tom’s). We celebrated with cake, balloons and a trip to a farm. There shall be further celebrations at the weekend.
  • We had snow last night. Up to six inches of the stuff is forecast to fall tonight. That should make for an interesting commute for Hels in the morning. Tom was non-plussed when I introduced him to the stuff this morning. His face simply said: "cold. wet. yuk."
  • I’m in Germany at the moment for an enormous trade event. I’ve just had dinner in the hotel restaurant, which was eye-wateringly expensive. At the next table was Michael Heseltine. He was not wearing a loin cloth.
  • I really need to update this site more often. Sorry.
  • This site and my email (including work email) have been down for most of the day due to problems at 34SP. Apparently, the aircon failed causing the servers to overheat. I couldn’t help thinking that, on the coldest day of the winter so far, opening the window would soon solve the problem.

Friday stuff

Hooray me! This week, I’ve completed and sent off not only my tax return, but also Hels’s.

In addition, I’ve done a shedload of work. Rah!

For some reason, my email is taking ages to come through – the arrival is about two hours behind the actual timestamp. Craaazy 34SP, I suspect.

Just so that you know…

  • I will finish that unfinished post that has been lurking in my Drafts folder since, oh, August. It has pictures too.
  • I will finish that redesign that I started. I know you can’t see any evidence of it yet, but I promise that it will be good. Very good indeed.
  • I ordered some CDs a while ago for some friends to bring over from the US. I ordered them on 28 December. My card was charged on 29 December. It is 16 January today and they have still not arrived and my friends fly today. The company concerned is not responding to calls or email. UPDATE: the CDs arrived the day after they left. So they are now being FedExed to catch up with them as they work their way eastwards (visiting clients across the US), which largely defeats the object of having them delivered to their office. Ho hum.
  • I ordered a replacement remote control for my mum. The company concerned sent a non-original replacement (they didn’t make that clear on the website) which was not compatible (mum’s telly is a video-TV combi and this remote had no video controls). They didn’t respond to emails. I’ve just called them and they didn’t once apologise for sending the wrong item, could not explain why my email was not answered (didn’t even attempt to find out) and did not offer to pay for the return of the incorrect item. The operator managed to convey a sincere feeling of not giving a stuff. That company is AV UK Limited and I heartily recommend that you avoid them.
  • This site is being a bit flaky lately. 34SP insist it isn’t them, but I can’t imagine where else there might be a problem.
  • I’m up to my eyes in work.
  • Tom will be one next week – send money.
  • If I get another one of those Harris Exploration Hits Gold spam mails, I will scream. AAAAARGHH!