my college class for tonight

my college class for tonight has been cancelled, so I’m trying to rustle up support for a beer plan. Seems that nobody is up for it, so it’ll be another night in feeling sorry for myself unless I go to the bar on my own. ack. I hate all this – I wish things were as they were before, and I would do anything to make them so, in spite of what has happened.
anyway, I’ve been on a diet for three weeks now, and I’ve reached my target (lost one stone – being stressed out helps). So tomorrow I’m allowed to eat “normally” again (i.e. less than I was before, but more than I have been for the last three weeks). But, given the state of my appetite at the moment, I’m not sure there will be much difference.
And I promise, this blog will get more cheerful.

and of course, if 46%

and of course, if 46% of people have voted *for* something, 54% of people voted for something else. My weblog – an analogy for multi-party politics. Who’d have thought it?

inevitably, someone doesn’t like Grayblogzuki.

inevitably, someone doesn’t like Grayblogzuki. tsk. Well, look, the idea came up in an AIM conversation between myself and Robyn – we both thought it was amusing (in a son of Godzilla kinda way), and I NEED cheering up, and the greatest share of respondents in the poll agreed. Now, I am a closet Godzilla addict (proper Godzilla – not the recent crap – I mean the old films with Japanese guys in rubber suits and sets made from Airfix kits), and since this blog is the new progeny of the old one, then the name seems both amusing and appropriate.
huff. I’m not changing it again. Final. As I said when I announced the result, if you want to continue calling this site Grayblog, go right ahead.
mutter. moan.

still trying to be cheerful.

still trying to be cheerful. The weather is not helping.
One cheery thing – yesterday a whole pile of seeds turned up from a seed exchange I belong to – this may not seem very exciting, but for someone who (usually) enjoys plants, it is a sign that spring is on its way – and, frankly, this year it can not come soon enough for me.

TPL update: 7 points this

TPL update: 7 points this week (only one match played) – total 607. For those new to this, TPL is a fantasy football league game that I play. I’m a member of a mini-league of people who know each other that play it, and currently rank about 8th or 9th out of 30 or so people.

Well, the votes have all

Well, the votes have all been cast, counted, counted again, recounted just to make sure, moved around in a Ryder lorry, been the subject of a court case, counted once again and then shoved into a dusty vault for posterity.
The results are in – the new name for this blog will be grayblogzuki, which polled 46% of the popular vote, twice as many as its nearest rival (attack of the 50ft grayblog). interestingly, “in the light of all that’s gone before…” didn’t poll ANY votes at all, which reinforces my feeling that it wasn’t a popular name. Several people also suggested that I should stick with grayblog – well, if you want to do that, then I won’t stop you – the URL isn’t changing after all!
and if you don’t like grayblogzuki, tough.

I am really struggling with

I am really struggling with the “veneer of cheerfulness” tonight. I can just about keep it going at the moment, and I’m determined not to get back to the ways of the old Grayblog. But those of who knew that blog, will know what I’m on about.
must stop thinking “if only…”