Well, the votes have all

Well, the votes have all been cast, counted, counted again, recounted just to make sure, moved around in a Ryder lorry, been the subject of a court case, counted once again and then shoved into a dusty vault for posterity.
The results are in – the new name for this blog will be grayblogzuki, which polled 46% of the popular vote, twice as many as its nearest rival (attack of the 50ft grayblog). interestingly, “in the light of all that’s gone before…” didn’t poll ANY votes at all, which reinforces my feeling that it wasn’t a popular name. Several people also suggested that I should stick with grayblog – well, if you want to do that, then I won’t stop you – the URL isn’t changing after all!
and if you don’t like grayblogzuki, tough.