Evil hackers

I’m sorry to say that grayblog has been hit by hackers. They inserted some malicious code on Tuesday afternoon. If you have visited the site between then and now, I suggest you run a scan for malware.

I’ve now blocked FTP, changed the FTP password and removed the malicious code from all the changed pages.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Hackers = evil bastards.

del.icio.us bookmarks for October 19th

  • Belgium divisions deepen further | EurActiv
    EurActiv, as usual, gives a rather more detailed account.
    Belgium politics
  • BBC News – Belgium fails to break political deadlock
    Again. I'm not sure that new elections would help. The Belgians that I've spoken to (admittedly, all Flemish) seem to think that the country will eventually break up. It will be interesting to see how the neighbours respond to that – the Dutch will almost certainly absorb Flanders, but the French are less than enthusiastic about taking on Wallonia, which, if it remained independent, would become the poorest member of the EU. Then there is the Brussels issue – I don't think it has been suggested, but it would almost make sense if it become an independent city-state, at least from a political point of view.
    Belgium politics