Today in bullet points:Witnessed: a

Today in bullet points:

  • Witnessed: a man in a smart suit, mid-forties, looking extremely uncomfortable and uncertain, holding a piece of blue A4 paper in front of his chest so that people could read it:
    Chichester Masonic Hall – open today
    Which goes to show what a secretive organisation they are, as I didn’t even know there was a Masonic Hall in Chichester.
    Related: a Masonic blog.
  • Witnessed: in Waterstone’s bookshop, a man (clearly not staff) walking around the store and carefully straightening each pile of books, and then playing a short "tune" by beating out a rhythm on the tops and sides of the piles. OCD? Tourettes?
  • Chichester was alive today (pun intended) as artists prepared for the Chi Alive street theatre day. Looked interesting, but I couldn’t stop as I was determined to get to Brighton
  • Rail chaos this morning due to a suspicious fatality on the line at Havant – apparently there had been no trains for five hours. I caught a train that was running nearly 90 minutes late.
  • Brighton was absolutely full of people. It’s such a fascinating and cosmopolitan place, with people of every type that you could imagine, and a few that you couldn’t. But I still don’t think I could live there – it’s too large and anonymous, and I like the fact that walking around Chichester, I’m bound to bump into someone I know. I prefer to keep Brighton as a special treat, a place to visit, savour and return to another day.
  • Today’s shopping: four CDs (Quantic [my first Q – yay!], The Caretaker, Plaid and a Ninja Cuts compilation), greetings cards, a gift for sis-not-in-law, another for Sarah, new shot glasses, some paperbacks (watch the current reading list over the next couple of weeks), a bath mat, some Lush products and, at last, a new light for my kitchen – a triple spot array, which should look a lot nicer than the current ugly-but-effective fluorescent tube.
  • Today’s frustration: inadequate banking hours – even in Brighton, the Barclays branch closes at 12.30. Why??
  • Today’s highlight: a very relaxing lunch in the Bamboo Bar in North Laine, enjoying good food and beer on a sun-drenched balcony overlooking the crowded street below.
  • I must have been radiating contentment on the way home – two attractive women sat opposite me on the train, and both struck up (light) conversation totally unprompted. Which was nice.

A good day.

Today’s plan: shopping in Brighton,

Today’s plan: shopping in Brighton, followed by going to a pub in North Bersted to see the band with Greg and Bren.
I’ll have to do the washing up at some point too, but for now I can safely ignore it.

Urf. Hungover. Food at Chez

Urf. Hungover.
Food at Chez Graybo last night with Sarah – a roaring success. Orange chicken with couscous – might post the recipe here later. Consumed with lots of beer and wine too, then followed by more beer with Paul F, Bren, Greg and Arron. Got roaringly drunk, was almost certainly embarrassingly loud, and have a sore head this morning.

Wise words from George Soros,

Wise words from George Soros, these days an unlikely ally to the anti-global capitalism campaigners.
It seems that Osama bin Laden could have saved himself a lot of effort and bloodshed by training up a few malicious accountants and auditors in order to bring America (and large chunks of the global economy) to its knees.

Someone called Neil left a

Someone called Neil left a message in my comments about having two tickets to Paris that he was looking to dispose of. I thought it might be the Neil I went to school with, but it isn’t. So if it is you, can you get in touch?