inevitably, someone doesn’t like Grayblogzuki.

inevitably, someone doesn’t like Grayblogzuki. tsk. Well, look, the idea came up in an AIM conversation between myself and Robyn – we both thought it was amusing (in a son of Godzilla kinda way), and I NEED cheering up, and the greatest share of respondents in the poll agreed. Now, I am a closet Godzilla addict (proper Godzilla – not the recent crap – I mean the old films with Japanese guys in rubber suits and sets made from Airfix kits), and since this blog is the new progeny of the old one, then the name seems both amusing and appropriate.
huff. I’m not changing it again. Final. As I said when I announced the result, if you want to continue calling this site Grayblog, go right ahead.
mutter. moan.