not much time to write

not much time to write today, as I have to scoot off in a minute to London to spend half the day staffing a promotional stand for the Hardy Plant Society – and, yes, that is as dull as it sounds.

have been getting this blog listed on a couple of blogdirectories, so hopefully there are a few new people reading this – so “Hello” to all of you. Send me a mail if you feel that way inclined.

will do a weekend report soon, I promise, although there isn’t much to tell, as usual. Will spare you some portions of the weekend as well, as that is on a strictly need to know basis (although it involves some products from here, again!).

just noticed I forgot to put in last week’s TPL score: a not-very-exciting 26, taking my total to 148. Doesn’t look like I did too well at the weekend either, with no goals scored, although my defenders did better than they usually do.

right…..train to catch…