lesson 1 for today –

lesson 1 for today – click on “post” on the Blogger edit screen before scooting off to another website, else all is lost. bugger.

it’s pissing it down outside – I’m sooo looking forward to walking home in this – not.

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that if you read enough Blogs, eventually you will think and write in American English – perhaps even develop a ridiculous accent like certain crap actors/actresses (Paltrow and MacDowell spring instantly to mind). I wonder if, in 30 years time, English English will be obsolete – will we all talk about fawcets instead of taps and spell colour without the “u”? Comments welcome.

Anyway, the weekend….
Friday night we stayed in, both feeling less than healthy with this bloody cold. SJP called around 11pm to ask if AW and I wanted to go to a party, just around the corner from my place (we were at AW’s). I told her that we were naked in bed and watching naked people on TV (all true). I could feel her glowing down the telephone line – tres amusant – all good stuff to reinforce the idea that everyone has that AW and I lead a steamy porn-ridden existence, when in fact we were sitting drinking Beechams and watching Eurotrash.
Saturday was a day off work for me (hurrah), so AW and I had a steamy and porn-ridden morning (use your imagination) and went to Guildford in the afternoon. We didn’t get there until gone 3pm, so we contented ourselves with a spot of shop surfing (including the purchase of copious bath bombs) and some bar-sitting in Bar Coast.
Afterwards we met up with SK, PF, IC and a few others for beer at W2 (great cheesy grin there Kristan), followed by more at IC’s house. All pretty uneventful really.
Sunday was just another worky day.

Much the same as today really, though today is wetter.

Right, time to splish-splash my way home, shop, do college homework, cook tea and have a bath. Such an exciting life.