today my throat feels

today my throat feels like a large lump of raw potato is wedged in it. if you’ve never tried wedging a large lump of raw potato in your throat, it isn’t something I’d recommend – and I should know.

seems I have given my cold to AW – she woke up this morning complaining of a sore throat. looks like I’ll have to play nurse again – at least it should be less brown and smelly than the last time (you don’t want to know).

looks like a fair turnout for the post-college beer sesh tonight. I’ve invited everyone that I have e-mail addresses for, which is 13 out of the class of 20, and it looks like about 8 or 9 should show up, which is pretty good.

so if I write anything for the ‘blog tomorrow, it’ll be thru a haze of hangover, as there is no chance to get more than a snack before heading to the pub – beer+empty stomach = hangover.