Unbelievable – nobody turned up

Unbelievable – nobody turned up for the post-pub piss-up last night – a complete blow out. Instead, we’re supposed to meet in two weeks time for another attempt. I wonder if that will be abortive as well. I have no friends.

Instead, I went to W2 and met up with KM, PF, SK and, of course, AW, and got fairly drunk, having had no food to speak of. Which led to the amusing combination of an illness-induced headache and an alcohol-induced headache this morning, which was not an entirely pleasant experience, and yet not entirely unpleasant either.

I’ve just started re-reading The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer. I first read it around the time it came out, which must be four or five years ago now. It’s a great novel, somewhat quirky, about an unemployed fugitive English philosopher who goes to France and falls in with a one-armed bandit…literally, a thief with one arm. Together, they plan and execute a bunch of philosophical bank robberies – an interesting concept.

Fischer is one of my favourite authors, along with Douglas Coupland and Ben Richards (invisible on the net – anyone know any sites about him/his work?). I’ve just read Coupland’s latest (Miss Wyoming) but I really ought to be reading books related to marketing – then I might stand a good chance of passing this course. But that’s far too dull. Besides, textbooks are too big to read in the bath.