question – is access.bakiwop the

question – is access.bakiwop the most loved-up blog on the net?
I must say that Andrea and I have been very loved-up lately. Our relationship is very easy going and pretty much stress-free – which is something of a novel experience for me, as just about every girl I’ve been out with before has been a complete bundle of stress and nervous energy in one way or another. Somehow, in spite of the fact that we don’t have many obvious things in common (she loves TV, I hate it; I love rice, she hates it; she loves Robbie Williams, I think he’s a twonk; etc etc etc), Andrea and I just “click”. Which is nice.
Of course, the problem with being in a good relationship that is happy and working, is that:
(a) it’s easy to be gooey when down the pub, and therefore shunned by your non-gooey friends
(b) it’s not so easy to offer good advice to friends who are either single or having problems with their relationships without talking about how wonderful your own situation is….along the lines of “yeh, that’s poo, and I really feel sorry for you. By the way, Andrea and I are having a fantastic time and each thinks the other to be wonderful.” See my point?