Small but strong

Monty, in the garden, last week
Our Monty may weigh only a little more than 3.2kg, but he is a strong cat. We’ve just been fighting to get a worming tablet down his throat, and both of us now have the scars to show for it. In the end, we had to crush it and add it to his food, which has worked.
Treacle wasn’t much easier, but being only two-thirds of Monty’s size, she was easier to hold and medicate.

7 Replies to “Small but strong”

  1. I used to find that the cats were too clever to fall for tablets mixed into meat, but if you mix it into something they’re not that familiar with, or strongly flavoured, such as taramasalata, they wolf it down. Haha!

  2. Terrific photo. Although the ALT tag clearly says that it was taken last week, I immediately read Monty’s, um, slightly disparaging facial expression as saying that if you even so much as thought about trying to get another tablet down his throat, then your life would not be worth living. That’s why I love cats – everyone thinks their faces aren’t very expressive, but they are.

  3. He is particularly good at scowling, which reflects his somewhat demanding personality. More than most of the cats that I have known, he demands everything immediately – patience is not his strongest trait.
    Of course, I only put pictures of the cats on this site to taunt you, Vaughan.

  4. Try mixing it inTO a very dry Martini he’ll never GUESS theres a worming tab in his evening cocktail…..HURAAAAH

  5. Oh, the taunting works. As do the addictive qualities. See, I’m back here already to stare at *exactly* the same photo I stared at four days ago. Damn it.

  6. Have you tried coating the tablet with Marmite? Mine lapped it up for a while. He got wise in the end, of course – don’t they always!

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