time for a rant: I

time for a rant:
I think it is high time that we followed the Dutch and others and legalised euthanasia. It seems utterly preposterous to me that humans are kept alive artificially with often unbearable pain, complete loss of dignity and at great expense both financially for the community, and emotionally for the patient and their loved ones. Yet, at the same time, once our pets become seriously ill, we are ready to ease their suffering and provide a painless end to their misery.
The Dutch approach seems sensible to me – a regulated system that should (hopefully) prevent abuses. But I doubt that this sort of legislation could ever be passed here – too many people (the sort my father would call “do-gooders”) would object on whatever grounds. The churches would certainly not tolerate it – they would come out with the argument that it is not God’s will – but is it also not our duty (if we are believers or not) to alleviate pain and suffering where we can, and are we not fortunate to have the skills and technology available to do that?
I should like to record here, publicly, that if ever I am unfortunate enough to be in that position, I would rather my life was ended than for me to suffer and cause suffering to those around me.
rant ends.