“Plug and Play” modem, my

“Plug and Play” modem, my arse. Just spent the last hour fiddling with a freshly purchased modem, trying to get the thing to work. It seems to work fine up until the last stage of the installation of the driver, when it asks for the “region” that I am in so that it can set up the dialling parameters. It offers a pull-down menu of options – or at least, that is what it should do. Only the pull-down is empty, and it will not let you bypass the window to the next stage of the process, or manually type in your location. Pants. And, to top it all, the box says there is a telephone helpline – however, it fails to actually give a number. Customer service at its finest, I’d say. There is a number for head office of Modular Technologies, but when you dial there is only a machine – “we are open from 9am to 5pm” – so will have to call them from work when I do not have my machine in front of me to describe the problem. Pants.