I know – it’s quiet

I know – it’s quiet here. Reasons:
– I’m very busy – lots to do at work, and just as much to do at home;
– I’m very tired – too many late nights, too many long days, not enough sleep;
– I’m working on too many projects – blog, homework, pub, redesigning work website, plant fairs, learning new software – the list is endless;
– I’m thinking about too much stuff – personal things, work issues, my finances, the impending 30ness, friends – another endless list.

I will endeavour to write stuff here – for my own purposes. Entertaining you is a secondary, but very important, part of why I keep this thing going. It’s just that I may not write as much as I usually do for a few days until I get on top of things again.
And no, Ian, I am not going to piss in my boots (some people!).