Today I had to drive

Today I had to drive over to East Sussex and Kent on business (and get back to Chichester by 4.30 for an appointment with Jo – who is, officially, lovely. She is my hair stylist in case you were wondering/had forgotten.) I love that area – there are some beautiful villages, and the trees and fields were looking very lush and fresh and green. But it is a strange place, in that it has a rural atmosphere, some rural characteristics (such as the profusion of small local shops for local people – though, sadly, three of the ones I regularly visit had closed since August when I last went that way. Hey Mr Blair! come take a look at the real rural economy! come see how many rural votes you’re going to get! none mate! not one! [stop ranting Graybo!]), but is also only a short journey down the A21 from London, so is commuterville. So you have this strange contrast – small country shops, local country pubs, and then little bijou design shops in the middle of nowhere. Not that rural people don’t do design, but as a rule, they are more inclined towards function first, form later.
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