another Friday night. I really

another Friday night. I really must stop having Fridays. Highlights included:

  • being chatted up online by a girl called Karen
  • being chatted up in the bar by another girl called Karen (a new divorcee – you’d think I’d learn really, wouldn’t you – but hey! being chatted up is such a rare event lately that I make the most of it.)
  • beer in the company of Arron, his mates Paul (he’s from Huddersfield you know) and his fiancee/wife Lizzie (Canadian, by all accounts), Matt and the wonderful bar staff Joel, Michelle and the eternally gorgeous (ok, I fancy the pants off her!) Ginny. Also spotted were Kristian and Sal.

And now I’m pissed as a fart. At least I’m honest about it. So to bed, my little furry chums.