There are some nights when

There are some nights when it pays to go out. Tonight, I got home quite late from work in a completely blue mood, then poked about on the net, got the cricket score (guh) and cooked dinner. Then, feeling a bit morose and at a loose end, I headed for the bar. Absolutely nobody else out (only Joel and Rory behind the bar, plus sightings of Simone, Bek, Celine, Kristian, Hayley, Leah and Sal – which, since most of them are W2 staff, barely counts). But, thanks to the arrival of four foreign dentistry students, the evening improved radically. They provided top entertainment for the evening by knocking back quantities of tequila, quizzing Rory about his lovelife (top improvisation by the man!) and being generally pissed and funny. Then, suddenly I found myself talking with Emma, 28, Polish and very lovely (the pick of the bunch according to the other guys). We had a long chat about Chichester, politics and dentistry (no, really! – the advantages of dealing with old dears in Chichester as opposed to wife-beating victims in London, and the highly Conservative nature of Chichester), our photo was taken and I can still smell her perfume now. What an incredible shame that they are all going back to London tomorrow! But she did succeed in putting a big smile on my face, and promised she would be back in two years when she has finished her course, as she wants to get a post in Chichester (she hates London). Well, I told her where to find me (at the bar in W2 of course!), and hopefully she will look me up!