Beer last night with Arron,

Beer last night with Arron, Aris, Dan, Joel and Simone. Tried to catch up with the gossip from the Foot and Mouth Ball, but it seems there wasn’t much, which I find surprising.
I haven’t talked about the Ball much, mainly because I didn’t go – it was held on a farm just outside of Chichester, to raise money for charities supporting communities hit by the foot and mouth crisis. It was organised by Steve and a couple of other guys from down the bar (including Mich), and featured DJs and Paul F’s band. I know they sold more than 350 tickets at ¬£25, and that most of the stuff they needed (venue, bands, beer) was provided free – so hopefully they raised a lot of money. Kudos to the organisers.
Why didn’t I go? Well, I knew I had long days at work on Saturday and Sunday, and as the ball was an all-nighter, going on until 6am, I thought it wise not to go. But on Saturday, I was wondering if I had made the right decision, as just about everyone else was going, including a Certain Someone. But where do you find a dinner jacket at short notice on a Saturday afternoon when you are stuck in a field with lousy mobile phone reception? So I resigned myself to not going, which in view of the fact I was so tired at the end of the day was probably a good thing. But I was left wondering what went on there.
Certain Someone asked me by SMS on Saturday if I would be going – I think she was hoping I would. Wish I had – perhaps then I wouldn’t be left wondering, as I am now.