Here is a little story

Here is a little story to put a smile on your face and make you say “ahhh, bless!”.
As you will know, my friend Paul F sings in a band (Could Be Good) that plays blues covers. This weekend, the band was playing at a wedding. The gig was going along nicely, Paul had just finished a song and was giving the old “thanjewverrymush” when he felt a tugging at his trouser leg. Looking down, a little girl of about 3 or 4 was tugging on the knee of his trousers to get his attention (bear in mind that Paul is a big tall bloke with a big deep voice – but kids at that age have no fear). Paul bent down and said “hello”.
Little Girl: hello, do you know ‘The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round’?
Paul: yes, I do.
LG: will you play it for me?
P: well, I’m not sure if the boys in the band know it. I’ll ask them.
P (to band): boys, do you know ‘The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round’?
Band: yeh, we can play that.
P (to Little Girl): yes, we know it. Would you like us to play it for you?
LG: yes please!
P: ok, but I’m not sure if I know all the words, so you’ll have to help me.
LG: ok, I’ll get my friend too.
So whilst the Little Girl went to fetch her friend, Paul announced to the guests: we don’t normally do requests, but we have a special one we are going to do now.
Then, crouching down with the two kiddies, they played the first verse of the song. And then, as the guests all stood around watching, all the other kids went up and joined in, singing along and doing all the actions – “The mummies on the bus go yak! yak! yak!, yak! yak! yak!, yak! yak! yak!….”
For anyone who has ever seen Good Be Good play, this must be quite a picture. The sort of picture that makes you go: “ahhh, bless!”