This from my inbox this

This from my inbox this morning from a Graypie:


A friend sent me a link to your blog because I couldn’t believe that anyone could seriously pride themselves on blogging. Sadly I am now a blog-a-holic. Not likely to start my own blog because even I couldn’t stand the tedium of revisiting my life online nor could I do it out of any spirit of generosity for the dubious gratification of people who I can only imagine reading my blog to feel better about their own hopelessly out of condition lives. However, I must now admit to an atavistic desire to spend my days reading about you (pl) and your disasters ….. and yes, the disasters are the best bits because they make me feel so much better about myself!

Well, time to hit the road (which is a step up on hitting another car as I did last week). Have fun with the frisbee and if you do accidentally decapitate anyone don’t put it up. You never know who is reading!

I don’t know quite how to respond to this. On the one hand I’m slightly flattered by the attention and pleased that the writing here is giving someone pleasure. But on the other hand….um…well, you decide.
And if I do decapitate someone with the frisbee, at least I can be sure that they wouldn’t be reading this!