Just about everyone has something

Just about everyone has something to say on today’s news. The scale of the destruction caused by the terrorist attacks in the US today is quite unimaginable. For anyone who is there, knows someone there, loves someone there – words can never be enough.
I think it is going to take a few days to fully comprehend today’s events – if ever they can be understood.

My fear is that the Bush administration will react in an ill-considered and knee-jerk way. The American administration, and this one particularly, is not known for reacting in a measured way. I am very concerned that we are witnessing, and will continue to witness over the next few days, the beginning of an awful and terrible spiral of violence.
As with any disaster of this nature, howsoever caused, it must be seen and used as an opportunity. Already, there is discussion of US, European, Russian and even Chinese security forces working together – this sort of cooperation would not have any precident in history. Unless something positive comes from this, all those who have died or been injured will have done so in vain.

I’m still trying to formulate my feelings on today’s events. This is something that is going to be talked about for years to come.