I really must learn not

I really must learn not to have AIM conversations when drunk:

Bella: i read your amazon list… lots in there that i would approve of!
Graybo: you should see my cd collection
b: 🙂
b: my musical tastes are exceptionally random
G: mine too
G: my friends think i am v dd
G: odd
G: not dd
G: because that wd be strange
b: listening to the Konflict “Messiah” one at the moment, it’s mental drum n bass and i LOVE it
b: hehe at dd : )
G: don’t know konflict
b: any more than a handful is a waste
G: i agree
G: perfectly formed is more imprtant!
b: haha! i agree
b: well hang on
G: besides, the person ALWAYS cunts fr more
b: i’ve confused myself!
G: counts
G: not cunts
G: hehehehehhehheehheehehehehehe
b: rofl!
G: oh crist on stick – must lern to tipe after beer!
b: can hardly type laughing too much