ok, so I’m bad and

ok, so I’m bad and not given you any updates today. So here’s a quick round up:

  • been busy busy busy all day at work, then had to go to college, which wasn’t great but had to be done
  • Wallpaper* has some great articles in the new issue, including features on 451F, the new British American Tobacco branded stores (you’ll see one near you soon – believe me, if you’re a smoker, you’re going to look forward to it) and the Moscow Air Show, featuring the latest completely barmy aircraft that only the Russians could come up with. Go buy it now
  • It rained today, in impressive torrential-with-lightning stylee
  • I’m going to be eating incredibly late tonight due to mad idea of cooking chicken in mandarin-chilli marinade instead of doing a readymeal – after college! stupid
  • My itsagoal.com team started the new season with an away win – cool! Which is better than my AFF team (still not talking about that)

More bulletins as events warrant – I’m off to cook now.