AFF and TFF: no score

AFF and TFF: no score this week, due to there being no Premiership matches as a result of the England v Greece match.
However, I have applied for five (count them!) transfers for my AFF team, as follows:

OUT: Paul Jones (Southampton)
REPLACED BY: E van der Sar (Fulham)
OUT: Jamie Clapham (Ipswich)
REPLACED BY: Dominic Matteo (Leeds)
OUT: Matt Elliott (Leicester)
REPLACED BY: Rio Ferdinand (Leeds)
OUT: Wes Brown (Manchester United)
REPLACED BY: Olaf Mellberg (Aston Villa)
OUT: Gustavo Poyet (Tottenham)
REPLACED BY: Robert Pires (Arsenal)

Hopefully, this will move me up the league from my current last-but-one place. “Hopefully”.