I’m having a bit of

I’m having a bit of a weird day today, largely brought about by a very strange dream that I had last night that was particularly intense and vivid, still rumbling around my synapses now. I won’t bore you with the details, although I’m curious to know what it might mean.
Unexpected bonus for the day, though, is receipt of a CD from my online pal Lizzie (thank you!). The CD is by Lemon Jelly and is very good indeed – I’m sure I’ve heard the first track before, probably on Monkey Radio. With the CD, Lizzie has enclosed a 1970s postcard of Zabriskie Point.
ZABRISKIE POINT: This is an area of ancient lake beds deposited five to ten million years ago. These beds have been titled and pushed upwards by earth forces, and eroded by wind and water. They contain borates and gypsum. The tall yellow pinnacle is Manly Beacon.