oh. my. head. Too much

oh. my. head.
Too much drink (and splendid food) last night in the Nags in the company of countless people – Greg, Bren, Julie, Alison F, Paul F, Julie, Caroline, Matt, Ian, Sacha, Tanya, Claudine, Fi, Helen W, Steve, Helen N, Teresa, Alison, Tim, Gary, Dave, Malcolm, Cath, Tam, Kev, Andrea, Simon, Jeremy, Phil, Simon, Terry, Steve C – and I’m sure there were others too. Text messages were exchanged with a few people not present.
I’ve no idea what time I left – long after the official closing time, that’s for sure. Apparently I was online at 4am, but not responding to IMs.
I’m going for a walk in the sun and with a couple of paracetamol.