What is it with people

What is it with people coming to my door and asking directions lately? Do I have a big sign saying “lost? ask here!”? (nope, just been and checked). The other day someone was looking for number 197 in my street (that’ll be the big blue house with 197 on the door then) and I’ve just had a bloke at my door asking for 25 North Walls. Being as my house carries a number on the door that is not 25, and also happens to have a street name sign on the wall as well (which, as you may have guessed, does not say “North Walls”), you do have to wonder if anyone these days has any intelligence. Well, maybe that particular bloke doesn’t have any – it isn’t fair to brandish the whole of society as thick just because of one bloke.
But then again, who’s going to stop me…?